Kydon The Heart City Hotel

Open all year round. Located in the city center , the KYDON, the Heart City Hotel, welcome the visitor in a most special way, characteristic of the genuine Cretan hospitality. The high-quality services of the hotel established it long ago as a unique destination all year round. Its rooms and suites, with a panoramic view of the Old Town and Municipal Market, are suitable for pleasant sojourns, as they are equipped with all modern comforts. Its “Square” Restaurant is a reference point, since its cuisine is based on the nutritional value of the local products, taking the visitor on a magic trip of tastes. The visitor can enjoy aromatic coffee accompanied by succulent pastries at the Agora Restaurant – Bar all day long, and have lunch in a space flooded with light and with a beautiful view of the Municipal Market. Later in the evening, s/he can relax and have fun with a fancy cocktail, or drink, or try out of a variety of
excellent wines. Make your reservation, take advantage of our affordable prices and enjoy a warm environment. The location of the hotel enables the visitors to have easy access to the
whole city and to familiarize themselves with the scenic beauty of the Town of Chania. For further information, visit our website.