The Arcaeological Museum of Chania

It is situated at 21 Halidon Street and is housed in the temple of St Franciscus.
The exhibition area consists of two main areas. In the first half of the exhibition area,
we see finds of the post-Neolithic era and those of the copper era. In the second half at the far end of the hall, antiquities of the historical era are displayed. The tour starts from the left to right as you walk into the museum.ODIGOS ENG 14_0050

Museum of Typography

The only Museum of Typography in Crete is now a reality, after the long efforts of the newspaper “Haniotika Nea”, that had the inspiration and the care for the actual realization of this project pioneering Crete. It is located at the park of local industries in the municipality of Suda, at a space specially designed to house the facilities of the museum. At the museum one can find printing presses and other devices formed an important part of the development of typography from the late 19th century to our days. Furthermore, the visitors have the opportunity to look at original editions of Cretan newspapers, dated from 1890, as well as vintage printing cliches and types, banknotes, seals and stamps.
ODIGOS ENG 14_0055At the premises of the museum a significant library of Cretan books, magazines and other publication from the last five decays is also to be found,. This material has been registered, is constantly updated and it can be accessed electronically. The aim of the Cretologic Library is, among others, the collection of all kinds of publications (magazines, maps, calendars etc) produced concerning Crete, as well as books of Cretan writers.
VIOPA, Building 13 03 tel: +30 28210 80090-2


The Residence – Museum “Eleftherios K. Venizelos”

On May 1927, Venizelos returns to Hania in order to renovate his paternal home (his father built it     on 1880) with expenses of his wife Elena. This was the home of his life since he lived here for more than 30 years and still reminds us of its strong ties to his family and home country, as well as the political substance of his owner.


The Residence – Museum “Eleftherios K. Venizelos” is classified as an authentic (documentary) home since it is recounting the life of a personage and it is preserving authentic items, most of them in their original position. It is not just a building containing collections or the original furniture of a bygone era, it also has developed the ability to recall the past, which in turn gives to the monument great social and political significance.

The Museological Route consists of 18 visitable rooms – stations, which all include authentic museum material. The ground floor and part of the first floor are exactly as delivered to the Foundation by the Venizelos Family and much like when he was living in it himself. Five rooms are presenting the action of Venizelos divided into the following topics: “Revolutionary”, “Politician,” “Diplomat”, “Man,” and “Myth” completed with visual material and original museum objects from the Collection of the Foundation. Finally, two “stations” present the murder attempts against Venizelos, respectively in 1920 and 1933. In the attic of the museum there is a modern interactive – educational exhibition, donated by Stavros Niarchos Foundation.


O On the site of Firkas is the naval museum of Hania. You can see nautical maps, engravings,
and representations of ships. Tel: +30 28210-91875, Fax: +30 28210-74484