Melomania Honey

It is with a lot of love and care for the bee that we set up a unique shop in Chania, specialized in the sector of natural honey and apiarian products. In MELOMANIA the visitor will find all the bee products. Different varieties of honey, like thyme honey of Chania, very nutritional
honey improving the function of the respiratory system, orange tree honey improving the circulatory system, heather honey boosting the immune system, pine tree honey, rich in B complex (vitamins B1, B6 and B12), strengthening the nervous system. Raw propolis, a natural bactericide and fungicide healing wounds, fresh and dried pollen, rich in selenium, energizing the body and improving memory. On top of the food pyramid, the royal jelly that reshapes the cells and contains amino acids, which help the body when it cannot do this on its own, energize and boost the system. The visitor will also find bee wax ointments made of natural bee wax and volatile oils for sun- or fire-generated skin burns that hydrate the dry skin, protect it from the cold and heal bed sores and muscle pains. Soaps based on honey for hydration, and many other products derived from bee products.  Open all year round,
shopping hours, and from 10:00 until 23:00 during the summer.

Episkopou Chrisanthou 44
Chania 731 32 GR
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