Elafonisi (Greek: Ελαφονήσι [elafoˈnisi] “deer island”) is an island located close to the southwestern corner of the Mediterranean island of Crete, of which it is administratively a part, in the regional unit of Chania. When the weather is fine it is possible to walk to the island through the shallow water. The island is a protected nature reserve.


An ancient seaside naval town, Port of Polirrhinia. Falassarna was built during
the historical period, but its name is pre-Hellenic, which it took from the nymph Falassarna. It was more important than Polirrhinia and it had its own currency, which on the one side depicted the head of a woman with earrings and on the other the letters FA, between a
trident. We can still see standing – supporting walls, parts of walls of the acropolisa,
many foundations of houses, many ancient graves, also a stone throne that
probably was consecrated to Poseidon, as Falassarna had been a naval town. It
has been recently discovered and its ancient harbor is being excavated.